Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Indians Of The West

   Having just returned from a two week pilgrimage from Los Angeles to Austin I am prepared to claim without hesitation that the indigenous blob of worthlessness known as "the American Indian" is pretty lucky to have wound-up on a desolate reservation instead in the stomachs of the crows and buzzards of the desert and the great plains.
   If there is a duller, more asleep, less ambitious, less aware, more witless, less interested, fatter, dumber, stupider race of people on the earth, then they are all at Walmart, blocking the aisles with their big blob-filled asses.
   The Indians didnt even have horses until the Europeans brought them over, they had no weapons that anyone could possibly kill anything with, and until the theft of the rifle, or more likely they bartered their ugly 12 year old girls to white arms dealers for them, they then very likely eradicated the buffalo herds themselves rather than the white man eradicating them, or at worst it was likely a neck-and-neck adventure. In the 400 years they have been exposed to Western Civilization they have made no effort to adapt, with the possible exception of the Iroquois who I hear are all steel workers on the East coast. As for the Indians on the Western side of the country, most of them have probably never even been inside a skyscraper, forget about fucking building one.
   There is some mythical seance-like braindead delusional blood-clog inside the heads of a very weird variety of "biker" that sees in the "indian" some sort of soaring spirit of life that breaks the bonds of what passes for knowledge and understanding and reaches into the magical realms of metaphysical superscience wherein all things are possible due to a transformation into a godlike state of omnipotence which the fucking Indians - those guys over there laying on the sidewalk drenched in their own piss - reach and achieve frequently and on a routine basis. This vision or belief is called "a deranged hallucination" by the medical profession. Indians are not wise, Indians are not smart, Indians are not usually employed, Indians are not creative, Indians are not sensible, Indians are not at home in a cement and concrete environment, Indians do not do anything on their own, Indians are eternal wards of the State, just like a whopping load of niggers and Mexicans, and they like it that way, and if they can take your stuff personally and spare the government the middleman task of collecting your taxes - they will.
   The only thing more obtuse and bewildered looking than the infant offspring of an American negro is the infant offspring of an American redskin. At least the bugeyed ugly Negro baby looks scared, staring at the modern world around him where he does not belong. The Indian baby, however, looks drugged. And it very likely is not. It just has inherited a Paleolithic brain from its Paleolithic parents, and it has just enough intelligence to pick a berry and maybe but not likely shit away from the central compound of dust and bugs where the rest of the tribe lives.


At February 10, 2014 at 10:06 AM , Blogger forbes mag said...

Excellent essay and observations. Especially the part about indian infants. You can see it yourself in videos of the "startle tests" done with infants.

The following video shows comparisons between White, negro, and indian infants.



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