Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oil And Dinosaurs

   It's far more likely that dinosaurs came from oil than the other way around. The story that oil came from dinosaurs was probably concocted by Harry Reid, who was around when the dinosaurs were, and he did it to remind everyone to conserve because as we all know there was a finite number of dinosaurs and we will never get any more so let's not just have drilling willynilly, let's partition and regulate progress lest business surpass government in popularity and usefulness and ten thousand useless bureaucrats are revealed to be actually useless, rather than the indispensable cogs in the wheels of peace and justice and order that they proclaim themselves to be and that everyone believes for some reason. The fact that just the opposite of the oil-comes-from-dinosaurs is more likely the case is amusing because it shows Congress - who likely created this fable - to be not just evil but having a special nugget of extra blackness in their souls that delights not only in lying but in making the lie perfectly distorted to be the exact opposite of the truth and not just a partially erroneous version of it. However as Ayn Rand said if you believe a liar the fault is as much yours as it is his, if you are all that stupid not to question everything you are told to try and actually nail down the facts.


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