Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Know If You're Fucked Up

   You know you are fucked up if you think Woody Allen's movies are good. If you watch a Woody Allen movie and when it's done you walk around in a kind of transcendental stupor muttering "That was SO good!"..........then you are fucked up. It means that your judgement about everything from candy to cryptography is basically worthless as a guide or an advisory to others. That's one of the reasons why you can know without even reading the other posts that this blog is fucking fantastic and a guidepost to behavior and action for normal humans; because I know that Woody Allen's movies are piles of unending shit about dumbass Jews complaining that everyone else isn't a dumbass Jew like themselves and yet wishing they could be something other than a dumbass Jew, and whining while eating shitfood all day because they think they have to, and need to go to a psychiatrist if they eat a fucking boiled duck or lick a pussy or God forbid admit that Jesus is their Messiah.
   It's astounding how many gentiles regard Woody Allen's movies as lights into the darkness. Gentiles, running to the wisdom of the fucked-up Jews for guidance and deliverance from ignorance and coming out of the theater after watching a Woody Allen movie and in a big fucking hurry to tell someone else about it - which itself is stupid, admitting you sat through one of his trainwreck debris-piles of crap - and then swooning with ardor whilst telling another of your folly and topping it all off with praise for Woody Allen's "genius."
   If you do ANY of this then you are fucked up and probably lay on your back with your legs above your face and over your head and urinate by pissing into your mouth. That's how fucked up you are.


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