Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lying Las Vegas

   One of these pictures is the picture used in the ad to entice you to stay at the Signature hotel in Las Vegas.  The other picture is what you will actually see if you walk up to the Signature hotel in Las Vegas.
   Now the average unfucked, un-implantened, mind would conclude "If they are telling this whopper about the appearance of the outside, what the fuck can I expect to find rotting inside the mattress?" Well, I don't know, I have never stayed there. And I never will stay there, just based on their advertising philosophy, which looks like it's "Hey, who gives a fuck if we're lying, do you? Me needer, tell Monica to get over here, I need a blowjob." Apparently the important thing about the Signature was to build the crappiest-looking triad of buildings in the State, put them on the Strip to really fuck-up the view of the MGM Grand and fuck anyone who has a fucking problem with it.
   And speaking of fucking up the view of the MGM Grand, you'll notice they had the balls to include the Hotel they fucked up into their own misleading photo-ad, which is some Big Whopper Jew Gonads right there, lemmee tellya. But I guess no one gives a shit. What's new.


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