Friday, December 21, 2012

Disney Buys Lucas: Episode 20 - Walt Disney, Wernher Von Braun, And Me

   Walt Disney, not being a Communist, had no problem at all hiring Wernher Von Braun, and neither did Hitler. At the time I was a Mouseketeer and to this day, I consider Adolph Hitler and Walt Disney to be the two most artistically creative forces of the 20th Century. They were like a Sith and a Jedi. If they could have come to some philosophical accord and worked together - which of course would be impossible, Hitler was a socialist and Disney was a Capitalist, mortal enemies to the last drop of blood, although the Capitalists haven't figured this out yet but the Socialists have - this would be a much more interesting and advanced world. Certainly the American military would be better dressed and not looking like renegade castro-ites who just left from a day of shopping at the JC Penny's Kiddie Camo Dept.
   Von Braun was often on the property and I knew who he was from earlier Disney productions and movie short subjects that featured Von Braun discussing the conquest of the Solar System. Those Nazis: always on the go.
   I knew the Nazis killed the Jews but I didn't care. My attitude then - like it is now - was if someone tells you ten years ahead of time that if he ever takes over he is going to kill you and you not only don't believe him but when he actually starts doing it you still don't believe him...then I guess you are going to die and basically good riddance, your compliant and timid DNA is better off out of the gene pool. I notice the Christians have the same attitude today about the Muslims: the Muslims are warning them they will have to convert or die and the Christians are pretending that they either don't mean it or that they don't really mean it. And no, I didn't write that wrong. I won't feel bad about those dead Christians either, anymore than I feel bad about the dead Jews.
   So I would see Von Braun on the property from time to time and one time I went up to him and asked him "Did you really see Hitler?" He said he did. I said "Can we really go into space someday?" He said we can go into space now. I had enough scientific knowledge and understanding of the language at 12 to say "You mean we have the ability it's just that we haven't done it." He said "Oh, no, we've actually done it." I gasped and said "What???" He laughed a laugh Germans always seem to laugh when they are preparing to not tell you something and he said, "Maybe I will explain it all to you sometime when you are older." When you are 12 you don't interrogate an adult German Nazi high on Hitler's likeability list. Just hearing a German accent being used toward me made me almost weak with happiness. I was a very big fan of the German War Machine even as a lad. My attitude as a child was the same as the one I later learned was Patton's: we were fighting the wrong people in WW2. I still have that opinion. If there are Anglophiles I am a Hunophile. In my opinion the Germans are the only people in Europe, maybe on the planet, with any fucking life in them. Ironic that they enjoy killing so much. Just one of life's many paradoxes and anomalies I guess.
   A few days later someone in a suit who didn't exactly look like a Disney employee intercepted me somewhere and asked me point blank, "Did you talk to Wernher Von Braun last week during the day?" I said yeah. "What did he tell you."
   You do not come under the tutelage of Benedetto Solari and some of his cronies at 6 thru - so far - 12 and not smell a cop or a fed or an asshole looking to fuck things up in the name of something else and not already have a well developed and trained ability and almost a desire to fuck him up even more than he wants to fuck you up.
   "Well, he told me he really likes the Mouseketeers. I asked him who was his favorite. He said 'Why, you, of course!' I sure hope he meant it, he's really smart, he makes rockets! He said someday we will all live on the Moon!"
   My little retarded-child fairy tale totally got absorbed into his psychotic bureaucratic noggin and he  smiled and said "I've been hoping to meet him too but I never get the chance for some reason. But I thought I saw him talking to you and I just wanted to know if he was really nice."
   I was really tempted to respond "Well, sir, he's nice, but I don't think he's so nice he would allow you to fuck him in the ass like I am sure you, being a cop of some sort, would really like to do, being a faggot, and everything, as you all are."
   Instead what I said was, "Oh, yes, he is very nice. I hope to be on a rocket some day!!!"
   He made all the usual motions and movements people do when they are about to blow you off. "Well stay in school and study hard and I am sure you will!"
   And off he went, his idiot remark still hanging in the air and ringing stupidly in my ears.


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