Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ron Paul

   Ron Paul is leaving whatever he is in and as his farewell address he said the Constitution has failed.

   Actually it hasn't. It is doing its job which is to create a government to rule. The idea - so we are told - was to create a government that would keep itself in line. Since a government's first job is to collect taxes - which is taking other peoples' stuff under threat, which is a criminal act - it is only a moron who fell down a deep well onto his head and then was beaten upside the skull by niggers with baseball bats who would conclude that such an entity could be corralled by anything, even a "bill of rights." Majestic and mighty though a bill of rights might be. If you are being taxed you have no rights going out the gate. Without your own stuff to have control over you have nothing except anthems and pledges of allegiance and flags to wave and patriotism for its own sake in keeping with the tribal traditions of mankind. "Taxation without representation" is the battle cry of a reetard. You are taught in school that reetards demanding that they not have their shit taken away without an authorized thug of their own choosing to do it, to be voted on by the community, the thug with the most votes wins. This ritual of primitive voodoo that England was fought - the right to have local pieces of shit taking our stuff rather than British pieces of shit - is believed by all Americans, and the more patriotic the more fervently they believe it...this suicide ritual of idiocy to be worth dying for. This is why demogogues love democracy: it ensures the most fucked up candidate gets the job since the masses like fucked up people, being fucked up themselves.


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