Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girls Are Just The Best

   "Hi, Chingling? We'd like you to come in today for a photo shoot." "OH YU TAKE MY PEE PEE PIC-CHA?" "Yes, Chingling, we take your picture, and yes your pussy will be the main attraction." "OH ME LIKE-EE PUSSY PIC-CHA!!" "Yes, that's good, that's good that you do, can we expect you by noon?" "OK, JOE!! ME PUT ON NAIL PORRISH LITE NOW!!" "What?" "ME PUT ON NAIL PORRISH!! MUST HAVE NICE ROOKING NAILS TO TAKE PHOTO OF TWAT!!"

    honestly, you gals, you all know what is truly important: you are going to have photos taken of you inserting metal pussy vibrators into your naked twats so that men can look at the photos and move their clenched hands up and down their blood filled dicks until semen comes out and you take the time to make sure you have beautiful nails and stunning silver polish on them so that you will look your best for this festive occasion. laying on your back, your knees pulled up to your chins like a baby having its diaper changed, your hamburger-bun twats bare-ass naked to the universe with a handheld vibrating device being manually inserted into your twat for a room full of men with cameras and your nails look great!!


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