Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guess The Muslim

   One of these women is an Israeli, standing at the shore of some Biblical pesthole of a waterway and the other one is an adherent to the dictates of Islam. Can you guess which one is which? Well, let me help you; the woman on the right, the one standing beneath the spray in a bathing suit in order to expose as much skin as decently possible - (the skin being where the dirt settles on a dirty human, you see,  it settles onto the skin surface there to mix with stuff coming up from the other direction where the two, the dirt, and the organic life-related materials, combine to form a bacteria-rich stinky environment that is reminiscent of a hyena den) - to expose as much skin as possible to the stench-cleaning and filth-cleaning spray, that woman doing that, the one on the right, is the Israeli!! Yes!! She is the Jew!
   Now, the other one, the one fully clothed in pants and coat and shirt and with the clothing even on her stupid fucking head and taking a cleansing bath fully clothed like a fucking reetard ape-brained piece of walking stupidity times ten to the infinite power....she's the Muslim.
   Now you know!


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