Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Niggered Out

   I have decided I am pretty much niggered out. Am I ever going to need a nigger for anything ever? Not very likely. I have a pretty good imagination and I con't think of anything I am ever going to need a nigger for. Going into Year 5 with the nigger in the White HOuse has pretty much collapsed my tolerance for anything evern remotely nigger. I would get rid of the night sky if I could, even though I like it, and all, just because it reminds me of niggerness. Which would be "things that are black." It turns out black is only beautiful if it is on another planet. And if there was another placet I would go there and relinquish the earth to niggers. It would be easier for me to go there than for all the niggers to go there. And a lot of strangeness and maybe a lot of weird privation and angst is a small price to pay to have an entire nigger free planet to roam around on.
   My big dream is that the "rapture" is the gathering of all the white people onto a giant space ship and we all get sailed out of here. Now youcan't call that racist, fleeing the earth with just white people. Not hanging around to be slaves of all the other races is not racist. It is survival. The other races need whitey. Who else is going to invent radios for the japs to copy, sky scrapers for the arabs to copy, guns for the niggers to steal and iphones for the chinese to copy. No one.


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