Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Samsung" Must Be "Obama" In Chink Lingo

   Samsung stole all of apples patents. They made products from Apple's designs and engineering. They sold them. They got sued. They have to pay Apple one billion dollars. They are not allowed to sell their Apple shit in the USA. And they are complaining that this is unfair competition. Samsung must have a negro shoplifter for a CEO. This is the kind of logic negro shoplifters use. "Dis iz mine! You leeb it out in de open on a shelp an' dat tells me dat you don't care ip I takes it! Udduhwize you hab it unduh lok an' kee! So doan you be callin" ME no teep! YOU de TEEP! You stole me fum mah home in Affikka! You muvvafukkuh! YOU de TEEP! Naw ME! Cocksukka bastid honkey fuckass debbil!" Samsung must have one of them kinda folks as the chief executive officer. Same line o' reasoning being employed.


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