Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dumb and Dumber: Demonstrators and Cops

   The Democratic National Convention got off to a typical commie start, a bunch of fuckheads laid down in an intersection that was on the route that the busses that ship the "delegates," whatever the fuck those are, they laid down on the ground in the street in a section of the delegate bus route.
   The cops then formed a circle with their own bicycles around the Occupoo people. There were now two groups of demonstrators blocking traffic instead of just one. The first group of demonstrators were unemployed. The second group were pulling down 3 grand a month and 80,000 dollar a year pensions after ten years of work.
   The first group of demonstrators was obviously the stupider group of the two. They were doing nothing for nothing. The other group was doing nothing for housepayments on 5,000 square foot mansions.
   If you want to be a stupid fucking worthless piece of humanity and dont know what group of stupid fucking worthless pieces of humanity to go with - go the cop route. Better to be a cunning piece of shit than a blundering one.


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