Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Funniest Expression

   Have you noticed when someone uses the expression "white supremacy" a sort of cautious fear goes through the room? But if someone says "black supremacy" everyone just laughs. Have you noticed that? Try it yourself. Next time you have to speak in front of a group or make a toast, just for fun make the first thing you say after you have everyone's attention, make the first two words "white supremacy." Listen to the sudden silence. Say nothing for a moment or two. The room will become increasingly tense. Faces will furrow. Whole faces will furrow, not just the brows. Then cordially say "black supremacy." Voila!....a sudden titter of fun and relief runs through the room like a delightful sip of of a zesty sparkling champagne! The danger is passed and taking its place is sillyness and buffoonery!
   It's an eye-opener.


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