Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Collectivism In One Lesson

   America - and all the world, actually - operates on the "collectivist principle," which is "all humans are part of the family of Man." Man is not a family. Man is an aberration of Nature. You are not a part of someone you never fucking met. If you were they would all be calling you whenever you got into trouble to help you out. It's more likely it was one or more members of the "family of Man" that got you into the trouble in the first place, why the fuck would they help you out of it. Being part of "the family of Man" is being a part of herd of savage apes. The "family of Man" would not have lights if it wasnt for one or two people. The "family of Man" did not discover E=MC2. The "family of Man" did not build a railroad empire. The "family of Man" did, however, confiscate it, in the name of "fairness." The "family of Man" is a knuckle-dragging global horde of gluttons and thieves. It's nothing for anyone with a personal identity to be "beautifully involved with." The fuckhead that said "no man is an island" never got caught in a snowstorm going over the Ridge Route at 3 AM.


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