Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Nightmare Act

The Dream Act is being touted on the news in California because the State Government is going to vote whether or not invader Mexicans should KIND of become citizens if they manage to shit in a certain pattern or quit pissing against their open car doors off the side of the freeway pretending their car is disabled when they are really just taking a piss against their open car door. I don't know exactly what they have to do but basically it is a new kind of amnesty program disguised as Heavenly Mercy. I know the angels and saints are involved because Catholic priests are swarming all over every Dream Act gathering of Mexican Indians because it means more children to fuck. Normal Catholicism is 50% voodoo and Mexican Catholicism is 90% voodoo and 10% out and out black magic. So "religious" candles, sold in grocery stores for 99 cents and which leap off the shelves, and have been for 50 years, are being carried piously by fat little Yaqui mothers-of-twelve and all the children and teens in these parades are dressed up like little white, well groomed children from Long Island, not like bandidos in wife-beaters and head bandanas, which is their normal attire. What happens in California happens eventually in what's left of America.


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