Saturday, February 13, 2010

More On The Forbidden Book

A few days ago I wrote about The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar. Or I should say I inserted the Wikipedia article about it. I was one of the fortunate people who got to see her appearance on the tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It was quite a show. Johnny Carson was a sort of renaissance guy, he was interested in interesting things. He also had lots of balls. He'd insult Frank Sinatra to his face and Sinatra loved it. He used to skydive before it became popular. He'd do risky stunts on the show because he was pretty athletic. When he had Vilar on her book had just come out. She was real petite and kind of cute. She started talking about this theory of hers and you could hear total silence from every man in the audience and after a while all the women started to make noise. Hissing and booing and Carson would quiet them all down again calmly and let her continue. He rarely interrupted her. I was never so attuned to a lecture in my life. I bet not one man in that audience got laid by his wife that night. There was no Amazon or bookstores in every mall in those days and it was impossible to find. It was out of print for decades. Many years later I got a copy and read it like I was actually learning something for the first time. It is totally hypnotic from page one to page 150 or whatever it is. It aint very big. It's just big enough. It is completely amazing. Women detest it. Heterosexual women detest it. Dykes dont give a fuck about it, it has nothing to do with their lives. But to the heterosexual world it WITHOUT EXCEPTION divides men and women equally: all women hate it; all men gasp in disbelief at how hoodwinked they are by this whole existence of frustration that they willingly go along with. It WILL fuck you up, gentlemen, if you read it. It's been reprinted and you can get used copies for 5 bucks places online.


At December 31, 2011 at 12:52 PM , Blogger Kelly Jones said...

It's available for free from my website:,Esther/ManipulatedMan.html

Also, a fellow collaborator, Dustin, and I, are in the process of putting her work "The Polygamous Sex" online here:,Esther/PolygamousSex.html

But men already know that women are manipulating them emotionally and psycho-sexually. They encourage it, so don't make men out to be gullible or naive. Vilar's polemic is tongue-in-cheek. Men's besottedness with WOMAN is a willing manipulableness; a deliberate attempt to escape consciousness, thinking, solitude, and wisdom.


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