Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Apologies From Douches

Some fucker named John Mayer - I guess he sings - is crying in public now for using what the AP calls "the N word." The "N word" for those of you who do not speak politically gay, i mean correct, language, the N word is "nigger." I put nigger in quotes so that it will appear as though it is not ME saying nigger but that I am just quoting "other people." When you speak in politically correct gay language you have to use a LOT of quotation marks so that you won't have to apologize down the road for saying something like nigger or spic or coon or faggot or dago or beaner or jap or kike or gook or.....well, mainly nigger. Nigger I mean "nigger" - I apologize for that - "nigger" is the really bad one, the one that gets you into tons of hot boiling shit. I'll get back to Mayer in a minute, but here's how this works, just in case you are thinking about never using the N word - the nigger word - in public. And these days in public means basically to anyone at any time under any circumstances. Ever in your life. I mean, now listen to me close....if you are going to resolve to stop saying nigger: you better clean the slate of every time in your LIFE that you ever said nigger. Because once you resolve to never say nigger people are gonna start searching the records. Look at Ferman, the cop from the OJ Nigger case. He said nigger ten years before that someone made a note of and this was brought up at the trial and he had to start swimming like a nigger to escape. And I think we all know how well niggers swim. They go straight down. So if you are thinking about never saying nigger again, your motivation will be FEAR. Not some sort of imaginary love of mankind. It will be fear that someone will tell someone else that you said nigger and that it will balloon out of control to where you are going to have to cry in front of a camera. And crawl and ruin your life. Believe me, if you say nigger or DON'T say nigger your life is going to be ruined. Might as well not have to add crying in public to the mess. Anyway if you FEAR to say nigger....hey, I have a bulletin for ya: people can sense this. It's like a broadcast beacon. You ain't foolin' anyone. People can smell that you are scared. What are people afraid of when they are afraid to say nigger? Jesus Fucking Christ, ya gut me. I guess they are afraid of being discovered to have said the word nigger.
THERE ARE LOTS BETTER AND BIGGER THINGS TO FEAR DUDE!! LIKE THE NIGGER IN THE WHITE HOUSE. LIKE THE FUCKING GODDAMN MUSLIMS, DUDE. I have really gotten off the track here. So Mayer went all weepy on tv for saying nigger in a Playboy interview. Hey: Mayer; whoever you are; whatever you do that gets you interviewed in Playboy: I gut a flash for ya; niggers dont care if you say nigger. EXCEPT in a CLEARLY CONFRONTATIONAL FACE TO FACE MANNER IN AN EFFORT TO PROVOKE EITHER COMBAT OR SUPPLICATION!!! And even then it's only the nigger involved who cares. And he SHOULD care; it means he's either about to get his head beat-in or YOU are. Where was I. Oh, yeah, Mayer. So he gets all weepy on tv "I am sorry i said nigger, sniff sniff sniff." He ain't sorry he said nigger. He's sorry it's coming around looking for him to bite him with. That's all he's sorry for. And I'll tell ya something else: he ain't even apologizing to niggers about it. He's apologizing TO WHITE PEOPLE!! CUZ WHITE PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHITE PEOPLE SAYING NIGGER!!! WHY?.....Pal?....I have absolutely no fucking clue why. None. String theory is easier for me to get ahold of. The other apology is coming from Marvel Comics. It seems Captain America and his nigger sidekick have as their enemy this time the Tea Party Movement. They are portraying it as a Nazi takeover. Which tells me that Marvel Comics is full of Marxists. Anything that threatens the Marxist-Socialist-SemiFascist Establishment - usually a movement based on White Christian work-ethic, liberty-oriented, self-sufficiency emphasized rigidly-limited government is labeled Nazi.
It's just the commies' pattern. It works, why change it, is their thinkin'. Can't blame 'em none for that. So Marvel is apologizing.
Instead of saying "Hey, we think the Tea Party movement is a threat to our Socialist way of life here in America and Capt. America is a Socialist first and foremost, fuck you." That's what they would be saying if they were honest. The only time you apologize is when you hurt somebody BY ACCIDENT. And in those cases it's never even necessary. I don't know about you but I always know when I have been accidentally injured. I just know. I also know when I have been injured by someone PRETENDING it was an accident. If you have even the minimal awareness of a sleeping sea elephant you just know. This whole Apology thing is a virus that is contaminating civilization into a Giant Guilt Trip for the innocent. In closing I would like to say nigger.


At February 11, 2010 at 9:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, as far as I'm concerned it's politically correct to use the term "nigger". I will not apologize for using it nor do I give a hoot what another white person will think of me for using it. In fact if they don't like it then they must be a fuckin nigger lover....and more than likely voted for that Mulato who occupies the black hut!

If readers of this blog don't like the term then I would say they probably won't be around for long.

Wouldn't venture a guess as to the number of times I've used nigger on this blog. Most all of my comments contain the word nigger. Until I'm told otherwise by the owner of this blog, which I doubt would happen, I'll continue using the term nigger!

My name for BHO is Onigger the Mulato!

This is the end of my politically correct statement!

At February 12, 2010 at 6:08 AM , Blogger Backwater said...

Mick, I'm shocked!!

At February 12, 2010 at 10:38 AM , Blogger Bob Frapples said...

I'm AFRAID (yes) I must practice this correctness business while being employed. If not, I would be not employed anymore and I would surely have to move, which is a drag. On the other subject, it looked like Mayer was gonna be an OK musician until he went sorta pop-ish, now he's just like all the rest.
Forgive me for my correctness...I am so ashamed...and hungry...

At February 13, 2010 at 12:48 AM , Blogger jj solari said...

mick, people dont read this blog whether i say nigger or not. if i wasnt writing it i wouldnt read it either.


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