Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Obama Is President

This ad for something or other shows why Obama is President. The "before" and "after" does not refer to anything the man himself did. It refers to all the things the photographer did. So that's the first lie. The first picture is "before" the photographer took the "after" picture. That's all. In the first picture the camera is practically on the floor. The lights are straight-on, washing out the skin and eliminating all shadows. The prick in the picture has his shoulders thrown so far back they are almost touching behingd his head. He is pushing his belly out as hard as he can without shitting his pants. He is relaxing his muscles so much it's a miracle he can remain on his feet without falling to the floor in a puddle. The second picture was not taken after 20 weeks of vigorous exercize. It was taken 20 minutes after a couiple of cigarettes. The camera is higher off the ground. The light is angled so that shadows from his cut-muscles are visible. He is flexing like he just met his mom naked in the hallway and wants to get her hot enough to fuck. He is greased to enhance "the glisten of health" like he was a dog with fur that just ate Purina. His expression is one of more alertness rather than the doofus look he has in the first one. His shoulders are forward and raised and his arms are out to the side like a gorilla. There is no dark area behind his head where he disappears into the wall so that his pale and protruding belly are the only things you see, as in the first picture. In the second picture the fingers are coiled and fierce, in the first they're gay. So this is a product-maker lying to you all over the place and getting away with it. And this is a pretty blantantly obvious case for a pretty unimportant reason and you beleive every bit of it.. This ain't the guy you are selecting to run your life, this is just a guy trying to get you to spend 300 dollars to buy 2 ounces of sugar. Look by order of magnitude how Obama fooled you And you bought into it. Because you're an idiot.


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