Thursday, July 9, 2009


HAHAHA As soon as the Faggot In Chief leaves the country Biden actually wakes up and goes to work to sabotage everything the nigger thinks is going along smoothly. HAHAHAHA He's funny, I'm startin' ta like the guy. The Democrats are like Muslims: they can fuck each other over even more than they can the opposition. Soon as the nigger goes overseas to make overseas white people obey him as he makes them obey him here, Biden and his nigger-hatin' friends undo everything the crack-nigger president thought was on the fast track. The bad part is that once the idiot nigger figures out what Biden is doing he'll never leave the Country. When he's fucking up Europe and the Middle East and Asia he can't fuck up America, so his travels should be encouraged. To give Biden an opportunity to fuck up Obama. HAHAHAHAHA. Which he does. I guess he hates niggers. HAHAHA Who doesn't.


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