Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life And Death In Illinois

Hard to believe this could happen in the Faggot In Chief's own State but a nigger cemetery was turned from an organized place to
store rotting bodies into a jumble of corpses and coffins by the nigger staff. Which just goes to show you that niggers can even fuck up the dead. They dug up people to make room for more people, they threw people into the woods, they tossed coffins into the bushes, they compressed bodies onto other bodies in the plots, they basically made a big ugly junkyard out of a quiet and serene park for the deceased. There is probably a LOT not being mentioned by the Ass. Press, the first thing that comes to my own mind being the removal of jewelry from the fingers, wrists and clothing of the dead and the removal of the gold from their jaws and the removal of the bodies from the coffins to sell to Haitian and South Central L.A. voodoo cannibals. I mean, I don't mean to shock nobody but niggers don't bury the dead. They eat them. Ite.


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