Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adoring The Bible

It is the custom of most Christians, and in some cases the fanatic insistence or-else-we-will-kill-you of the rest of the Christians, that the Bible actually IS God.This is called, by God, at least, "idolatry." It is a violation of the first commandment "no other gods but me yadda yadda yadda and so on and so forth," i think you all know it. Christians usually break this commandment as a matter of course, and of habit, and with insistence, and intentionally, and relentlessly, and with great energy and enthusiasm, and with great wrath and with great violence to anyone who tries to stop them, and they will pull their hair and rip their clothing and stab you in the face if you ever say to them that the Bible is NOT God. They are nuts, in other words. The Bible is not God, it's not "holy," it's not "inspired," it's not "The Word of God," it is not "sacred," it is not Divine, it's not a diety. It is a history book. Now, non Christians won't even grant the Bible THAT much credence. But I am not talking about non Christians. It is very reasonable and sensible for non Chrstians to place no credence at all in or about or regarding the historical accuracy of the Bible because 99 fucking percent of the goddamn Bible violates every known scientificcally known and observationally known law and accepted occurance of Nature and the Universe. So I ain't talking about them people. They are a lot more sensible - and a lot less evil - than the Christians who think the Bible is THE DIETY. Thank you. Think it all over, get back to me.


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