Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dead Muslim Update

Muslims are killing each other faster on a daily basis in Iraq, because the Faggot In Chief pulled the Amrican troops out of the cities. So that's good. The Iranians are killing other Iranians at a constant but unfortunately not increasing rate since the elections weeks ago. The Communist Chinese Atheists are killing Muslims and arresting others and will later execute them after bogus trials, so that's good. The Marines are killing Muslims at a high rate in Afghanistan. The buzz is that the Israelis are going to bomb Iran which will kill a lot of Muslims and probably spread plutonium contamination throughout the area since it is expected the Israelis will bomb nuclear facilities, so that's good. The Muslim body-count since 9-11? Several hundred thousand, and that's good, but remember, there are one billion of the fuckers. That's more than a huge ant colony. So there's still lots of work to do. The best way, if not the most satisfying way, to do it is to get them to kill each other. Then everybody wins. Oh, here's a nice video of some stonings. The Muslims wrap other Muslims up in bags and bury them waist deep and then throw rocks at them until the bags turn red.


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