Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ousley Update

Dennis Ousley has informed me that Michelle Obama is #91 on the Maxim Hot 100 list of - I guess pigs! He said, based on their 91 pick that their number one hot bitch was probably the chick in the picture on the bottom. I have to agree, the chick on the bottom looks a lot hotter than the fucking trollop on the top. Pro'bly easier to get along with too. She's GOT to be a better dancer, that fucking dunce that the nigger in chief is married to dances like a bucking walrus. Jesus Christ, how fucking douchey has Maxim gotten that they're kissing the stinking black ass of that coon's foul wife. If there ain't a backlash from Maxim readers for this display of faggot cock-sucking then this world deserves to go nigger and arab.


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