Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pope Idiot The First

The Pope wants the Palestinians to have their own "state." Whatever the fuck a state is. He thinks they should have one. They already have one. The Palestinians are the most united people on earth. They are like one huge individual. They live to remove Israel from existence. This is what they all live for. That day. And every Palestinian wants to be the one individual who most contributes to making that happen. There has never been a more cohesive, unified, defined, determined, resolved state than Palestine. This is also the DUMBEST group of people on earth in total dedicated all out war against the most Sensible country on earth: Israel. That should tell you how fucked up all the other countries, including the USA, are, if Fucking Israel is the one that has the most on the ball and the clearest picture of reality. Because the Israelis are practically retarded. And these so called bright guys have been stymied by the idiot Palestinians for 50 fucking years with no end or solution in sight. It goes on and on and on and nobody seems to ever get tired of it. And the Pope, this Ratsinger, who's supposed to be so fucking goddamned bright, wants a Palestinian state. AND he wants to be friends with Israel. Good luck, idiot, on that one. Go read a fucking newspaper, find out what the fuck's going on on this planet. Jesus. You show me an intelligent Catholic and I'll fuck Michelle Obama. With my own dick.


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