Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Law

The Law is all the rules made-up by lawyers so they can stay in business. All laws forbid you to do things. Laws never permit things. Just forbid things. People are convinced laws are necessary. Why are they convinced of this? Because for 6,000 years they have been told this by "rulers." Rulers are people who take everyone else's property. People are convinced they need to be ruled. Otherwise they would not be ruled. They become fearful without a ruler. Because they all apparently have implants. I don't know who implanted them. And you. I seem to have not gotten one. Americans have decided one ruler isn't enough. Americans need thousands of them. So they have created FOUR LEVELS of government, or rulers, to keep the laws coming faster and in higher volume than jizz comes from Peter North's dick. They call this "freedom." Ok, that's all, you now know what the Law is. It's freedom. Over the gate at Auschwitz it said "Work Is Freedom." Here it's laws. We're one-up on Auschwitz.


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