Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vortex 2 Update

Well: there are tornadoes all over the place from East Oklahoma, and churning their way to the northeast in fury and violence, ripping up the place as they proceed in swirling, churning menace toward the general direction of Chicago. And now to the Vortex 2 team. The 40 tax-supported Vortex 2 vehicles are declining to head-off into the direction of the thousands of tornadoes currently being spawned because that section of America has "too many trees." Yes, that"s right, the Vortex 2 team has made it clear that they want to encounter tornadoes in the plains. Not in landscapes that are filled with trees. Now I told you last week that the Vortex 2 team was full of Jews. A lot of you, probably non-Jews who are outraged that I would call Jews Jews, are no doubt infuriated that I would say such a thing: that it is not germane to the situation. Actually it is, asshole; you see God is putting the tornadoes in one area, and the Jews are insisting that God put them somewhere else: namely where the Jews are and where they want to stay. Jews are always ordering God around. And what do they get for it? They get their asses kicked. But they never
get it. They keep ordering God around. They're doing it now in the Vortex 2 vehicles. They are "chasing" tornadoes as long as they don't have to actually chase them. They are chasing tornadoes by ordering the tornadoes to follow them. So, let's review: instead of the Jews chasing the tornadoes....they are ordering the tornadoes to follow them. Jews chasing tornadoes.... tornadoes following Jews....these are two really different things. I have explained "nigger logic" somewhere else. This is "Jew logic." It's a little different, a little more sophisticated, because, let's face it, Jews are a bit sharper than niggers, but it's basically the same thing: pig-headed, mean-spirited arrogance.


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