Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maxim Publisher Gives Exclusive Interview Regarding Michelle "Hottie" Pick

The publisher of Maxim magazine, a homeless bum named Zug Duffsbaffims, gave the writer of this blog an exclusive interview after the writer of this blog offered to show him pictures of Michelle Obama's pussy. "Heh heh, dat be show nuff ite wiffs me, ite. I lubz dat woman, gawdam, if I wuzn't so drunk I be hack my nuts rye now, ite. I kin smell her luvly twat fum here." "That's the dumpster behind Ching Lee's Fish Sump" I told him. Zug told me his love affair with Michelle Obama began after her gay husband told the Maxim gay janitor during a gay blowjob that Maxim was on his hit list of things soon to disappear from the American scene, along with what was left of the Constitution. "It be den dat I see de lite," Zug said. "She hot. Day can be no dowt bowt dat." I told him her clitoris had a foreskin and leaked semen. "Dat don' mean she ain' hot," he slobbered. I told him only a fag would think she was even remotely related or connected to or resembling anything female in nature, in any species, in any galaxy, in any epoch of Creation. He said, "I juffs tryin' ta pay de bills." I said I understood. I said "Off the record what do you really think of the First Nigger." "Off da rekkid? Foe sho'?" "I promise," I assured him. "Not a word to anybody." "I tink she de fukkin ugliest piece o' wildebeest placenta own de hole African savannah. I seen hyenas puke ta deth eatin' t'ings dat woint half az ugly az dat heavin' hemmorhoid on two fat laigz. Ain't no suhprize dat Obama's queer. You wood be too wid dat rancid pussy comin' towid yo' cock. Holy shit, mommaloosha. Dis off de rekkid, rite?" "You betcha," I vowed.


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