Friday, May 15, 2009

Barak Caught With Intern

As this dramatic and yet kind of erotic picture shows, President Hussein is wasting no time in picking up where the previous democratic presidential intern-fucker left off. Michelle had hired the goat to do the gardening because, as she put it, "I hate them fucking Mexicans and their fucking leaf blowers." But we say better a leaf blower than a goat fucker. "Dem udders iz what proov'd too much fo' my leebeedoe," the president said. "Day looks like de tits ub dem Afrikkin women what Leni Reifenstal take de pichiz uv. Mmmm-MM, dem nigga ladies is FINE nigga teens." As you can see in the picture the police are reluctant to move-in on the president because he might fire them. He fired a general last week. Firing a cop would be nothing.


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