Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Overland Letter to John&Ken, Los Angeles Radio Talkshow Hosts

Dear John and Ken;

     I was not in the I-15 fire. But I will bet you anything that the idiot cops in the Highway Patrol were solely responsible for all the cars and trucks burning to the fucking ground.
     Cops are not good at saving property. They are in the business of destroying property and confiscating what remains. It is firemen who are good at saving property.
     I will bet you anything that the fucking cops did nothing to wall-off from the oncoming path-of-fire  the oncoming and departing traffic. I will bet you they stopped all the cars directly in the path of where they all agreed the fire would travel: and then ordered everyone out of their stopped cars and told them to flee. I bet they stopped the cars on purpose in the path of the flames because cops - especially State Highway Patrol cops - are all sociopathic sadists.

     The firemen, on the other hand - you saw the videos - they positioned themselves between non burning cars and burning cars and would hose the fire and then hose a non burning car to protect it then hose the fire again - all the while in danger of explosion or smoke inhalation or heat exhaustion and a million other things, all the while trying to save property. Meanwhile there wasnt a cop within a hundred miles. They were all laughing at all the cars and people they fucked up by making them stop in the danger zone rather than keeping the danger zone free of vehicles. Because they are assholes. All cops are assholes. All firemen are self-sacrificing protectors. Cops never protect anyone. They kidnap them and take their stuff.  Firemen rescue you and save your stuff.

     If they fired all the fucking cops and replaced them with firemen America would be a happy, peaceful, prosperous place.


J.J. Solari


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