Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Overland Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

   I don't suppose I have to tell you, government - of any kind - just doesn't work. If government was voluntary nobody would join.

     I'm sure I speak for everyone with an IQ over 210 that you are a living example of what a non-bureaucrat can do in America; namely provide people with what they want, not with what government tells you to get; mandatory shitty insurance comes to mind. Getting drafted to die for no reason comes to mind.

     I live in California. These fucking bureaucratic assholes cant even provide water - which comprises 80% of the earth's surface - they can't provide water to the residents even though the biggest fucking ocean in the solar system is two feet away. 

     We have a fucking deranged psychotic sadist for a governor who wants to provide trains for illegal Mexicans in central California to get from one fucking lettuce ranch to another for free..... at a cost to build that could provide 100 desalinization plants instead.  We can't get a fucking drink of water and Jerry Brown wants to build a train for illegals. That's his top priority.

     This isnt leadership, this is a fucking madhouse full of reetards.

     No one in their right mind runs for office. I don't know how you are standing the stupidity of what you are confronting. Fortunately it is stupidity. If it was intelligence arrayed against you via the press, and the assholes in Congress, not to mention that fucking Kenyan jihadist imbecile in the White House - you would have an actual problem. Anyway all government legislators are people who have severe personality problems. Your first task as President I hope is to shut down every government office and agency and public "servant" in America. Watch things get Real Normal Real Fast.

     God Bless free enterprise. God damn government.

     Thank you.


J.J. Solari


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