Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anti Islam Book

   Someone giving a fake name - naturally - wrote a book called "How Fatima Started Islam." It's a comedy. And a lot closer to the actual facts of Islam's creation than the version in Wikipedia. Muslims on Amazon have spammed the review section with one star reviews that never actually talk about the contents of the book but complain that they were spammed with advertising. I guess the spam was so good they were compelled to obey. Then I guess they read the book and decided to give their comments regarding their philosophies of spamming - should there be spam? should there not be spam? - rather than actually talk about the book. And then they spammed Amazon with complaints about the book!  HAHAHAHAHAHA.
   So anyway the book is pretty funny and pretty dead-on-target about describing Muslims as the bottom-of-the-barrel species that they are. If you want confirmation that you are not alone in concluding that Muslims are assfucking, camel-humping, child molesting, bloodthirsty sociopathic rapist lying drugged-out, inbred subhuman, subalgae objects destined for nothing better than will have a fine old time reading this. And just so you know - it is VERY likely historically accurate. Otherwise the Muslims would not be so desperate to have it removed from existence.
   The bashing of Mohammed and Islam  and Muslims and what I call sandniggers is pretty relentless, but if I was writing the book - and I wish I had - I would have devoted real diligent creative energy to coming up with new and disgustingly novel ways to describe allah and islam and mohammed and muslims. However I think the co-purpose for writing the book was to give a fairly accurate historical
synopsis of Persians and the sate of mind and the state of intelligence and the state of "development" of the Arabs during the acceptance and growth of Islam. within all the abuse and the name-calling is a description of the historical record as it is known today for the purpose of educating - within all the name calling and abuse - Americans and Christians and anyone else with a brain that functions what Islam really is - it is nothing - and what is the nature of it's followers; which would be "they are idiots."
Which of course they are. And they are also sociopaths and degenerates and the end result of 1500 years of Darwinian slaughter of anyone woth a normal psychological development and the systematic creation through a culture of child sexual and physical and emotional and spiritual abuse one billion deranged apes with the emotional equivalent of rabies.


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