Wednesday, September 12, 2012


   There's Americans; and there's Obama supporters. The two are not even remotely similar. Just for the record. In case you thought they were. They're not. They are as different, say, as shiny 20 kt diamonds in the Harry Winston Salon window...and a bucket of hyena hemorrhoids. The two are as different as that. In fact hyena hemorrhoids are even more noble and worthy of devotion that an Obama supporter. And they are not even close to being as vile and foul and putrid as Obama himself. Or herself, I should say, he just got officially outed yesterday. Good luck hearing about it from Chris Matthews, although I am sure he is jizzing his shorts wanting to proclaim it, out of sheer admiration and envy. I am sure Matthews would love being a faggot if he could find one to suck his dick, and it seems that the faggot community just aint that debased.


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