Monday, September 10, 2012

Private Cities

   Walt Disney was - of course - the first American...the first conceive of and create the private city. Disneyland, then followed by Disney World, Disney This, Disney That, and eventually Universal Studios copied it with Universal City.
   In a private city you pay to enter. Or you don't enter. People seem to be willing to pay to enter these cities because, unlike government cities, they cater to your whims, as long as your whims don't clash with someone else's whims. Usually everyone who pays to go to a private city all have the same whims so there is never any clash. There is not a police force waiting for you to commit a "violation" for which they can fine you, and if you are bad they remove you from the city so that you can move about freely outside the gates. They do not jail you.
   If the American Revolution had been permitted to continue - which the Constitution prohibited - There would only be private cities in America. There would be no "municipalities." There would be no demand for them. They serve no function other than to preserve the municipality rulers. Private cities would have no rulers. they would have an owner. The city would be his property. Just like Walt Disney Corp. owns Disneyland. You could not just move there. You would have to pay an admission. And you would be subject to approval. You would have no "rights." That is, you would have no fabricated rights, such as "a right to a house and a pool and my child's education and health care and social security and a job." You would not have these "rights." Because they are not actually rights. They are orders someone else, not you, has to obey on your behalf. And since there are more of people like you -worthless apes - than there are people like the providers - functioning producers - all cities and municipalities collapse. All of Europe would have collapsed except for Germany if America hadn't for some reason saved it. Hitler would have had the job done by now. But the World Bank seems to be doing a good job of getting it done in Hitler's absence. Once the USA - which supports the planet - collapses, the world will collapse. Except for oddly and ironically enough, Israel. Which seems to be self-supporting. Even though they DO take American money they don't need it. All the other motherfucking countries do. Obama should manage to collapse the planet any day now.
   None of this would be imaginable by the inhabitants of a private city. They would see internal collapse as a strange dream, a make-believe tale of the supernatural and scary. Because that's what it would actually be.


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