Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cops-Who-Wannabe-Bikers Clubs

Assuming the fucked-up Blogger site can run the link without having it go off the page, these are the "patches" of a very lot of
"cops-only" motorcycle clubs who are convinced that they are actual bikers. This is proof positive that all cops are fucking assholes. Cops detest bikers. But they want to be bikers. Jesus, talk about creepy. Even a gay bath house - where a lot of cops go, by the way - ain't as creepy as a cop "biker" club. And get a load of the designs. Yeah, cops are bad. rough and tough motherfuckers. The law is on their side so you are fucked. So I guess there's the outlaws and the actual 1%ers. And then I guess there's the inlaws. The cops. HAHAHAHAHA. Fuckin' dopes. Oh, by the way: it ain't the outlaws that are gonna be comin' courtesy of the Nigger In The White House to search your house for firearms in the very near future. It's gonna be these fags with these "service to the community" patches on their weekend clothing. The fucking cops: the "bikers" you seem to think are the good ones and the ones that won't hurt you. Boy are you in for a fucking shock, asshole. And let me tell ya somethin' else about these "Americans." When the word comes down from their bosses, and it will, because Obama knows the Feds own the States because all the States take Federal money, and it's the same with the Mob, there ain't no mysteries here, so when Onigger gives the word for the states and the localities to start rounding up the defense weapons of Americans, who do you think is gonna get this job. That's right, the cops. These loyal upright American "biker" creeps. And if you fuck with them about your "rights," they will arrest you. Because they are not really Americans at all. They are stupid zombies. That's why they wanted the job and that's why they were selected for it. Because they cannot think. When the "biker" cops get through with you you are gonna see the "bad" bikers in a whole new illumination, Casper. You're gonna realize they are the real Americans. Not the cops.


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