Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tornado Hunt Cont.

This Weather Channel, Federal Snipe Hunt, is really gettin' ridiculous. This Bettes dude, he's talkin' out the side of his mouth so much, tryin' ta look like he ain't lyin', he could collapse from exhaustion. They have more useless crap tacked-onto more fucked up vehicles...and they just announced the Obama The Spendin'-Nigger tax bill for this joke: 12 million bucks. So that a bunch of Jews getting PAID, and a TON of stupid Gentile college kids WORKING FOR FREE and doing all the work, can drive around for five weeks looking for tornadoes. Which they probably won't even find. HAHAHA. Even the people in the studio are starting to have a tough time taking it serious. "You gonna LEARN anything from all this driving around?" HAHAHAHAHAHA. Then of course there's a ten minute damage-control answer, oh, yes, we are going to learn more from this than Madame Curie learned from radium, more the Michelson-Morley learned about the ether. HAHAHAHA. they're callin' this circus "Vortex 2" I guess they did one before. They oughta call it" Kotex 2" 'cause it's gonna be a disgusting ugly smelly mess. the only people who are actually any good at this, at finding tornadoes to study them, are the people that don't attend school and don't have degrees. They're like the tornado-chaser version of video-gamers. They're all super geniuses. As far as the Weather Service is converned these people do not exist. They don't dump 12 million tax payers' dollars down the bottomless Jew pit either. They just put gas in the car and go. HAHAHAHAHA.


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