Monday, May 11, 2009

The Moolie in Chief

Within a year this nigger in chief, pictured above, will have the entire USA looking like Lebanon. You seen Lebanon Lately? Only a nigger or sandnigger could live there. Even rats have enough sense to leave. Too many explosions and gunfire for them to hang around. This nigger will have everyone at everyones' throats. Niggers create chaos. It's all they know. Chaos and war and butchery. They love it. They can relax when they are wrecking the place and killing all the bystanders. They think it's funny. They love it. Obama needs to be covered in animal skins and sitting in a big wooden chair being carried on the shoulders of other niggers and laughing and ordering people to kill other people and making voodoo dolls. This is our President. America absolutely cannot survive this guy's first term. He's too good at being a nigger.


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