Monday, May 11, 2009

Eraserhead Explained

David Lynch claims that nobody has figured out what his movie, Eraserhead, is about. It must be only idiots watch David Lynch movies, then. Here is what Eraserhead is about. And you know that "spoiler alert" crap? Hey, you can relax, I won't spoil anything. HAHAHAHAHA. Eraserhead is a guy who is very tense. He's the only alert guy in the movie. Everyone else is insane. Eraserhead is
totally aware. But everything that is going on confuses him and stresses him out. Who wouldn't be, the only people in his life are all mad. Him and his girlfriend have a baby. That's it pictured above. Those are flattering pictures, by the way. The baby doesn't really look like that. It just looks that way to the characters. So what Lynch is "really" saying is that having kids is stressful. And they are monsters. Or they SEEM to be monsters. At least to Lynch. The baby cries around everyone but dad. Dad tries to care for it, but he is getting more and more stressed by circumstances. his wife leaves. A beautiful whore comes in and gets it on with him and then moves on to other guys, cause that's her job after all, and when he realizes what an fool he is for falling for her the baby starts laughing cause even the baby knows that dad is a fool. Dad goes berserk and kills the baby. But he gets forgiven by the creepy angel. The end.


At February 2, 2011 at 6:12 AM , Blogger RM20111351 said...

Dude, the main character is in Hell. It's not about his life, it's about his afterlife.


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