Monday, May 11, 2009

Frizzy Longhaired Angry Nappy-Headed Lesbian Marxist Mulatto Women

I wish I had some pictures of these. They all look identical. They are all very intense. They are all completely unaware of the existence of men. They are all convinced that they are intelligent and that you in particular are stupid. They are all the dominant ones in the clam-bumping hookups. They never involve themselves with other Frizzy Longhaired Angry Nappy-Headed Lesbian Marxist Mulatto Women in their mound-of-venus slam sessions because I think they mutually vanish into smoke if one ever encounters another one. You'll notice you never see TWO of these in any group, no matter how large or small. They are all separated by line-of-sight distance. If you evesdrop on the intense lecture-like conversations they engage in with other, usually less dominant, females you can never figure out what the topic is. You would think, judging from the grunts and bellylaughs - all these broads laugh really loud - and the contortions of the skin of their forheads, you would think the topic of conversation would be truck transmissions. But it's not. It's, as best I can figure it, always a discussion of why humans are gods. I would call this a conversation about voodoo. They would be outraged to hear this. They do not do voodoo these enlightened mulatto women. They channel their Lillith and Isis energies from the remote past and bring it anew into this decadent, unenlighted society. These broads are usually one of the main reasons this society is unenlightened.


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