Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coon Instructs Whites

Here's a picture of the nigger in chief getting pissed off at Whitey for starting to wake up to his commie fucking nigger shenanigans. He's getting riled, like every nigger does when you try and stop them from stealing. Nigger shoplifters scream and yell like howler monkeys when you apprehend them at the door. "WHAT CHOO STOPPIN ME FOE!! YOU A RACIST!! YOU STOPPIN ME BEKAWZ I'M BLECK!!!" "No, I am not stopping you because you are bleck. I am stopping you because you have 20 pounds of steaks down the front of your pants and 5 bottles of liquor down the back." They scream and yell all the way to the POE-lees station. And that's what this nigger's doing. He's meeting some opposition by a few white people who have suddenly realized that there's a NIGGER gonna rob them now, not a white man as has been the case before in politics. Now it's a nigger doing it. Hopefully this nigger will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. He'll snap whitey out of his nigger-fearing stupor and put some balls in his balls.


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