Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obama Hates White People

Here's ONE reason why I keep calling Obama a piece of shit nigger.

Ed McMahon died this week. He was a great entertainer, but prior to his
stage accomplishments he was a distinguished Marine Corps fighter pilot
in WWII earning six Air Medals. He was discharged in 1946 and
volunteered to fly again in the Korean War. He joined the CA Air
National Guard and was later promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

Farrah Fawcett died this week after a long career in Hollywood as an
actress. After she was diagnosed with cancer, she became an activist for
cancer treatment and devoted her last remaining years encouraging people
to seek treatment. She documented her plight on film and used it to
encourage others to stay positive and upbeat despite their diagnosis and

Karl Malden died this week after a long career in Hollywood as an actor.
He also served in the US Air Force during WWII and also served on the US
Postal Service committee to review and recommend commemorative stamps.
In 2005, the US House of Representatives authorized the US Postal Service
to rename a Los Angeles post office the Karl Malden Postal Station.

Michael Jackson died this week. He was perhaps one of the most energetic
singers of modern time. He will also be remembered for his bizarre
lifestyle that included sleeping with a chimpanzee and which was used as a "rehearsal" model before graduating to chimp-sized human children, living in a
carnival-like atmosphere at Neverland, his fascination with Peter Pan,
his numerous masks and costumes, some of which were female attire, his relentless efforts to have his face made into a more female configuration resulting in the eradication entirely of his nose his medical efforts to turn his skin from negro to caucasian and his insistence that his three "children" are the result of his sperm, even though a blind corpse can see that they are not. He also admitted to finding
pleasure sleeping with young boys and serving them alcohol as a "sleeping sauce" and payed out millions of dollars in
settlements to the families of these boys despite being acquitted by a
court on one allegation of sexual molestation.

*QUESTION 1) - Which of the above did the House of Representatives
declare a moment of silence for today? (Hint - It wasn't the first

QUESTION 2) - Which of the above's family received a personal note of
condolence from President Obama? (Hint - It wasn't the first three)

What does this tell you. It tells ME that Obama detests decent white people. They do not exist for him. It also tells me he relates strongly and sympathetically - as apparently do a lot of people - to dead reprobate homosexual cross-dressing child molesters. I guess that's why he's President: he represents the majority.


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