Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Dead Michael Jackson Show

Oh, it was fantastic! I can see why so many people wanted tickets to this. It all began with a number called "Semen Rain." Prince wrote it. Droplets and stringers of Michael Jackson's semen, extracted from the asses of ten year old boys after having forced Michael Jackson, against his will, to make love to them - this precious and happy fluid of fun had been collected and stored in warm bins over the years, and of course there were tons of it. All this "Juice of Jackson" glittered and dangled and fell like white rain, or sometimes like strawberry-swirl rain where blood trails from young, stretched asses mingled with the holy jizz, like those strawberry shakes that you get at Costco for a VERY low price. This Jackson Juice of Ass-Filled Joy collected on the floor. Huell Howser then sloshed through it in wading boots and carrying a microphone and kept shrIeking "THIS IS AMAZING!!!" Then Magic Johnson ejaculated his aids-filled semen onto the floor and invited all the white girls in the audience to come up on stage and gather it into their hands and spread it across their twats. "Dat way you don't haffta fuck me to get it, so that will save all you white sluts who hate your parents some time right there, ite," Johnson said, while Arsenio Hall laughed and laughed and laughed. Then Jackson's dead body came out from the left side of the stage, hanging from a rope around its neck and another one around its cock, and David Carradine's body came floating out from the right side with a rope around its neck and another one around its cock and then they moved toward to each other until their erect naked peckers came into contact and then high-pressure PSEUDOJIZZ from the PSEUDOJIZZ company, owned by Michael Jackson, squirted PSEUDOJIZZ onto each other while the bodies of dead children operated by batteries and motors came up from the floor like zombies and crawled around in the make-believe, and real, semen and giggled and laughed happily via animatronic voices. Then all the stars who were present sloshed through the jizz and sang in unison "If We're Here You Know We're Queer Or Lesbian," which was a great aid to the reporters outside in learning without fear of slander or liable who in Hollywood was officially homosexual. It turns out A LOT are. Live children were then dropped, freefall-style, from the ceiling, and they landed in seated positions onto bronze reproductions of Michael Jackson's erect - or at least formerly erect - penis.... or at least formerly penis, since it has since been eaten by ants.... and then their throats were slit by Black Muslims in the name of Allah, the God of Blood. The corpse of Michael Jackson then was danced over to the dead children, marionette-style, the carcass being operated by wires, and he gave to all the dead children "sleepytime sauce" which was a mixture of tequila, beer, wine, ale, gin, vodka, bourbon, rye, and opium, and then Jackson's corpse buried its face into all the crotches of the youngsters, male and female alike, and simulated cannibalism or oral sex, depending on your conclusions as to Michael Jackson's personality. A huge statue of a lotus-positioned Moloch was then wheeled onto the stage and the bodies of the dead children were tossed and hurled into its lap and then set afire. Jackson Ejaculate or "Jack's Ejack" as it is called by its copyrighted name, was then hosed onto the flames and the fire went out and a "parade of a thousand homos" then passed by the bodies and masturbated upon them all. It did not take as long as you might imagine for this parade to conclude, the homos were very aroused and ready to squirt. Eric Estrada's recent radio interview in which he talked about Ron Jeremy's penis was then piped-in through the speakers to end the program. When it was all over Michael Jackson was still dead.


At July 7, 2009 at 2:09 PM , Blogger nobody said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Who is Huell Howser?

At July 7, 2009 at 2:29 PM , Blogger jj solari said...


At July 7, 2009 at 2:51 PM , Blogger nobody said...

OOOOOOOOOH that Huell Howser


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