Thursday, May 7, 2009

Santa Barbara Fire

They were at a burned-down house in Santa Barbara on the Weather Channel. The fire's still goin'. But they were at some house. It was Thursday morning. 8 AM. Sun was out. The reporter's right there in the house. The house was just ash, no walls, some melted steel over there on the side. All around the house there were nice trees, all green, birds were flying around going tweet. Everything's fine all around the house, nothing burned, everything normal, and this fucking structure in the middle of it all is just a small log here, all black, some concrete on the ground, and the rest of it just missing. I'm thinkin', lookin' at this enigma, "What the fuck did they make their house out of, gasoline?" Apparently houses are really good at burning. It's like they are constructed to burn down when nothing else does, like the builders go "We'll need more flamable material here on this back wall, in the bedroom, ok?" Holy shit. Do people actually think about what they are going to be living inside of when they buy a fucking house?


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