Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oddsmaking On The War

It's a pretty good bet American forces are going to start losing ground real quick with the troops trying to get themselves up to fight knowing their nigger in chief is on the side of the Muslims. The whole military is pro'bly thinkin' about going AWOL. They really ought to try and figure out a way to all get back here then when they're back a couple of renegade airmen can fly some Stealths over there and level Persia with some fucking hydrogen bombs. They can kidnap a Muslim from a toilet in Pakistan and bring him to the White House so Nig-Bama can have someone to bow to if all the others are heat-seared skeletons. He should have at least one Muslim sandnigger of his very own to worship, if they mean so fucking much to him. I ain't heartless. I gut feelin's.


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