Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Tea Party Joke

This so-called "new American tea party" is going to be stopped in its tracks the first time the new nigger decides to make a point of stopping it. And here's what he'll do, because I know more about niggers than Andy Gump knows about shit: he'll get on tv and say that white America is still motivated by racism and that this is shameful. And the tea party "patriots" will fold like towels in the hands of a Mexican maid. Not one of these sign-toting imbeciles will say "Well, yeah, ya stupid nigger, yer right, course it don't hurt either that as niggers go you're even more fucked up than most. Now shut the fuck up and you obey us, coon, not us obey you. You seem to have forgot the fucking pecking order in this Country." But they won't do that. Once a white man is called a racist by a fucking nigger, he crumbles to his knees and begs forgiveness from his negro master. And that's what these tea party fucks will do.


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