Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palin Meets Trump

Sarah Palin, who seems to have the transparent cunning of a tree sloth, has paid a public visit to Donald Trump, probably to fuck him. I think as soon as he opened his mouth and started ripping into the nigger in chief that Sarah Palin started to drip large drops of cock-lube from between her legs. It is no accident that she makes herself up like the secretary in the porn movie with the glasses and the hair all done up that can cascade down at the removal of just one pin. And the husband of hers looks like he would be happier fucking a walrus than his old lady. She's got one daughter that has all her brains in her vagina and in her stomach and another daughter who is destined for the pages of Playboy the instant she hits 18, she has an indeterminate number of sons who apparently have so little personality that they never remain in the mind of the observer for longer than a meteor flashing along the horizon out of the corner of one's eye; Piper seems to be the only one in the family with a normal brain and psyche and would likely make a more sensible bureaucrat than her mother, and all of this chaos leaves Sarah Palin with an itch to hook up with a man who is her equal in drawing a crowd. Which immediately eliminates Odd - i mean Todd - from the competition. And puts Donald Trump at the head of her Feed My Vagina list. I just hope they both have enough capitalistic sense to sell the videos after the excitement wears off.


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